Lannika Yacht's voyage began in 2013

2019-09-04 15:44

Lannika Yacht's voyage started in 2013, and was built by BILL and MARK, the world's top design masters. Her innovations in sport boat design have made her a flagship in the world yacht market. Bill Dixon, the famous British designer, and the design Unlimited team together created a door to open the ocean world for the purpose of making life more "ocean" and enjoying endless goals. Through half a century of experience precipitation, the manufacturer embraces the consistent rigorous spirit - to be a "good" ship, carefully carving every bright spot. Intelligent robot cutting and pure manual detail polishing perfectly presents Lanica's elegant and bright appearance. Selected imported leather high-quality hardware, meticulous woodworking spray paint to achieve the designer's strict requirements for the process and overall sense of unity. Its strong driving force and widened salon area let people enjoy speed and passion, but also make comfortable and comfortable. LANNIKA, which is born of extraordinary design concept and production technology, makes every detail different through personalized automatic lifting deck platform, fully automatic super-large telescopic skylight, clean appearance and exquisite interior decoration. Enjoy exquisite from age, Lanica 37 feet, 50 feet, 68 feet, 108 feet three mainstream boat types with three different indoor styles for different age groups of shipowners to provide a variety of enjoyment; family entertainment, business reception, friends gathering to meet the life switching at will.

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